We attach great importance to leaving a good impression on the customer through a positive demeanor and excellent work. This applies from the first to the last moment of deployment. We do our jobs thoroughly and ensure an orderly handover after completion of the project. When our employees are deployed on site, we ensure that etiquette is adhered to, for example regarding the dress code or the tone of communication with stakeholders in the project.

Career and further education

We support our employees in further training through various training courses and the acquisition of certificates. The learning for this takes place through learning platforms created internally in the company. For employee development, we use quarterly target agreement meetings as mentoring. There the employee can influence the goals.
We also use internal tasks for the company for employee development. Depending on their personal strengths and weaknesses, employees are given tasks to deepen certain skills.

Working conditions

Every new employee receives a cell phone and a laptop. Provision of company cars is possible if required. Participation in training courses is possible if necessary. During the pandemic, employees were given support for working in the home office with screens or other aids if there was a need. We have provided masks for our employees.