Employee development

We are a company that values ​​diversity as a strength. Therefore, we consider and encourage each of our employees as an individual in order to face each individual strength and weakness. In target agreement discussions, we define the steps to achieve the next stage of development with managers and employees. Together, we take further steps to our common development.

Stages of our consultants

Junior Consultant

Our junior consultants are young professionals who take on a role and task in a team and work through them under supervision. They will be familiarized with one or two topics and will be able to independently conduct research and build up knowledge. They will be trained in project methods and tools for projects, organizational consulting, or IT methods for initial application. They are able to contribute to the team and recognize their own image and that of others.


After 1-2 years of work, our young professionals are trained in 2 or 3 topics and represent experts in a company or a project. They can independently carry out small subtasks and projects in a safe and repeatable manner. They have built up a comprehensive understanding and problem-solving skills that they can apply within the scope of their own tasks. They move confidently in the communication in difficult environments and can adapt adequately.

Senior Consultant

Our senior consultants manage and structure projects independently. They have built up expert knowledge that they can access when solving complex issues. Our senior consultants develop their own approaches and have published them. They know the common project methods and required toolsets and are able to apply them critically. They have a comprehensive understanding and problem-solving skills and not only use them to complete their own tasks, but can also use appropriate (questioning) techniques to control project members and solve their tasks and topics / problems. They are already managing own projects and everyone involved in the project, but do not yet have disciplinary leadership skills.

Consulting manager

Our consulting managers have the skills of senior consultants as well as the ability to independently manage not just one project, but several projects. They can use senior consultants to do this. They can grasp and structure complex topics. Leadership, moderation, conflict management and leadership skills, as well as customer management, are gaining in importance. They are able to motivate teams and manage difficult situations both nationally and internationally.

Principal / Vice President

Our Vice Presidents lead larger teams than our Consulting Managers and are 20-40% in the project themselves. The rest of the time they control the project team. They develop and drive topics at management level, usually with a strong influence on the development of the organization. They can use their management skills and control only a few operational issues.


Our CEOs lead the company and its strategic direction of the business areas. As a rule, CEOs are no longer active in projects themselves, but only in the control and management of customer expectations. They have a wide range of knowledge and are able to distribute topics and tasks in the respective company in order to generate knowledge. They can consistently implement all tasks, from the mission statement or vision, to strategy and implementation concepts. Leadership is less important for CEOs, as there is a layer of VP or CM in between. Instead, they make top-down decisions that are implemented bottom-up.

How we train our consultants

Our employees are trained to recognize obstacles quickly, to analyse suggestions for action precisely and to implement them consistently.

They are trained as digital consultants who combine the best of the worlds of digital natives and digital immigrants. They have the self-image of a responsible internet resident who accesses information from anywhere. They are capable of multitasking where necessary and always active and well networked. At the same time, our employees have a serious professional life and are structured, focused and well trained.

We support our employees in further training through various training courses and the acquisition of certificates. That learning takes place through learning platforms we created internally in the company. To MeJuvante Academy
For employee development, we use quarterly target agreement meetings as mentoring. There the employee can influence the goals.
We also use internal tasks for the company for employee development. Depending on their personal strengths and weaknesses, employees are given tasks to deepen certain skills.

During the daily stand-ups, our employees receive support for project work. In urgent cases, our employees can also contact their superiors outside of the fixed appointments. There are weekly calls with a buddy for further exchange among each other. In addition to these fixed communication channels, our consultants are available to each other as tutors, in case additional expertise of another consultant is required.