Our IT consulting services help clients make smarter technology decisions to align their technology strategies with their business or process strategies. We develop and execute a clear and strategic technology roadmap with priorities that are closely linked to your business goals. Having extensive experience in helping our clients in areas of IT development and services, platform as a service, talent acquisition and mediation of specialists.

Mejuvante IT strategy team examine various aspects within an organization like softwares,  processes, policies, employees, networks, and IT technology to ensure active management and cost-effectiveness.We offer solutions and assist in the development of a strategic IT plan based on the organization’s goals and objectives.

We help IT departments in numerous ways, such as by analysing and identifying their current IT environment, including maintenance, software, and processes, to determine where there is room for improvement and we provide IT strategy consulting services that can better align their business goals, as well as increase the reliability and scalability of their IT processes and solution.

We help you better outline your vision which can be beneficial going forward. Our services provide valuable feedback to help businesses identify their strengths and weaknesses.


With expertise our consultants have in both business and technology framework, we can facilitate development of a cohesive technology strategy for the organization. Our approach to IT strategy is an intensive engagement that includes the following activities:

  • Technology and Business Alignment - We commence by evaluating mission, vision, target, and business plan which helps us to access the roadmap for IT team to support the business strategy and deliver business value.
  • IT Framework Analysis - We assess the current IT settings, including the organization’s data centres, networks, equipment, documentation, and use of IT technology. We also evaluate the health of the current IT applications portfolio, sorting each business element in relation of its relevance to the organization, its actual management value, and its technical quality. This helps us in determining highest priority items for nurturing, replacement, or upgrading. Using our metrics, we also benchmark IT spending and staffing levels, the use of outsourcing and outside IT service providers, and the state of IT management best practices.
  • IT Vision Mapping - We envision a future state where IT systems, technology, individuals, and processes are fully aligned with the business strategy as part of visioning stage, Our IT strategy consultants explore what new and innovative technologies have most relevance to your business, and which you should consider for adoption. After formulizing the needs, we then compare it to the current state and conduct a gap analysis.
  • IT Strategy implementation - This is the implementation stage, where we define the discrete initiatives of the IT roadmap and align them into a strategic path. The final deliverable is a strategic IT road map for the enterprise that defines the desired future state, the major initiatives, and the priorities for implementation. It also includes summary descriptions and budgetary estimates for each of the major initiatives of the IT roadmap. Tactical initiatives includes new business application systems and IT improvements, organizational changes or restructuring, IT process improvements, governance structures, and risk management programs.