Since our company was founded, the services of MeJuvante Advisory have been one of the core tasks of our work, especially in the context of the implementation of financial regulatory topics. We support our clients in the financial sector in developing and implementing effective solutions that aim to meet the ever more extensive requirements of regulators.

  • Audit of existing management systems for early detection and risks, i.e., analysis and optimization of existing structures.
  • Risk management, i.e., analysis, control, and monitoring of risks, especially operational risks.
  • Enterprise-wide risk management systems, i.e., analysis and adaptation of existing systems in line with legal requirements and changing market conditions.
  • Legal advice in the design and implementation of complex sourcing projects.
  • Examination of the project portfolio and its structures, taking into account generally accepted auditing procedures.
  • Conducting management and IT audits to identify a sound basis for application of recognized standards.
  • Accounting and bookkeeping by our chartered accountants, i.e. financial services such as bookkeeping, payroll processing, and tax preparation (India only).​

We therefore advise our clients on the design and implementation of regulatory projects such as MiFID II, MiFIR, EMIR or Dodd-Frank.

We check the project portfolios of our clients, as well as their structures, with particular focus on generally accepted examination procedures.

In addition to setting up new management and IT systems, we also audit existing management and IT systems. The auditing forms the basis for building the existing systems into a company-wide structure of risk management, with which our customers can identify, analyse and control their own risks at an early stage. This is a complex task because existing systems have to be adapted to dynamic legal requirements or market conditions.

We accompany our customers throughout the conception and implementation of complex sourcing projects and support them with legal advice.

We are continuously strengthening our core competencies in regulatory advice by expanding and improving the team by deepening knowledge and experience, not only in the context of projects, but also in developing and helping to shape the regulations themselves. Our employees have experience in financial market supervision as well active participation in ESMA working groups that were responsible for the development of MiFIDII / MiFIR or EMIR delegated regulations. Regulatory risks are reduced by our tailor-made advisory services in order to meet the increasing regulatory requirements.